The single most thing that make a great marketing strategy

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So what is this single most thing… What makes a great marketing strategy?

A thriving marketing strategy is the one that best appeal to the target audience again and again. This is going to turn every skeptics out there into your beloved believers and supporters (in other words, they are going to trust you and make you their role model). They are going to blindly do whatever you tell them to do.

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a great marketing strategy

Here’s a good example of the power of appealing…

Let’s take a moment to imagine if Rihanna was to wear a crazy outfit like a dress made out or rags and sacs, every girl follows but if a random girl wears that same outfit before Rihanna does every girl who sees her will laugh and never follow. Why?


Because Rihanna is an icon to most girls and even if they are skeptical and think that wearing a dress made out of sacs is not proper and maybe embarrassing, Rihanna (their role model) will reassure them that, “girl it’s proper to wear this” and they will follow along. Crazy right? Stay with me, I’m not yet done with you hahaha. So the answer to be asking yourself today, right now is,

How can I best appeal to my target audience?

What do you need to include in your marketing strategy? Generally, how can you become a role model to them so that they can follow whatever you do. And guess what this will do to your business?

sucking leads online like crazy

You guessed it pretty well, “they will buy whatever you recommend them to buy including your products and or services.” This is the same reason why people will buy something simply because a friend they trust told them that the product and or service is top notch. Again, the same reason why companies profit more from their affiliate programs.

affiliate marketing

You think they will be giving you commissions for vouching for them that their products and or services are good, to your fans and followers just so you can fill your bank account? Hahaha c’mon man, they are using you to make even more money, oops.

The blueprint to a great marketing strategy

I learnt this through my YouTube channel for my forex trading academy “Money Downloaders.” Relax, I’m not here talking about getting clients from a YouTube channel. NO NO NO NO NO. What I’m going to talk about is what you need to do to best appeal to your audience, come up with a great marketing strategy and hence be a master at selling your products and or services.

women coming up with marketing strategies

See I never saw any substantial sells for my Money Downloading course up until I created a youtube channel and started teaching some helpful tips and advice for free on YouTube.

I’m telling you; I went from getting 1 interested customer per month (who sometimes didn’t even finally buy the course) to getting loads and loads of customers every single day that I couldn’t possibly handle myself

I’m not going to waste your time talking about my achievements, but I want to help you come up with a great marketing strategy, grow and scale your business like never before. So back to business

What I learnt from the series of events after opening a YouTube channel is:

  1. I became a role model to many forex traders
  2. Up to the point that most of them switch from using their brokers to what I use
  3. Ditch their strategies to what I use
  4. And a statement like “buy my course to be successful in forex trading” at the end of each tutorial video I upload on YouTube result in a lot more people buying the course
  5. I built trust in my audience by proving to them that I can help them become successful forex traders by actually helping them. Videos I upload on YouTube are testimony enough to prove that I know what I’m doing and more people follow and make me their role model in the forex trading industry.

Here’s what most business owners are going wrong in their marketing efforts!

They fail to appeal to their target audience. Whatever they say has no impact on their target audience because they are not seen as an icon or role model in their niche or industry.

In my whole career running a digital marketing agency, here’s what I have commonly seen in how a typical marketing strategy is drafted: Marketers and or business owners scream offers, discounts, promotions, hoping and praying that people will all of sudden feel sorry for them and just start buying.


It has never worked in the past, it doesn’t work now and it will never work in the future. Besides, that’s exactly what every business out there is marketing their products ad or services. It’s like someone told marketers and or business owners out there that a great marketing strategy should have a lot of discounts to attract as many people as possible.

Let me ask you this,

If you walked up to a beautiful girl (a stranger)

And say to her, “I’m financially stable, everything in my life is great, I can take care of you blablabla, will you marry me?

Do you think that she will say yes?

approaching a girl

Of course not,… The best reply you can get in that kind of situation is,

“Excuse me, do I know you?” or worse, “Are you crazy?”

But if you walk up to her and say, “Hey, my name is Cletous, what’s your name?”

The chances of connecting with her are very high right. And if you go on several dates. You take her to dinner and all that great relationship stuff. You both get along, and then 1 or 2 years down the line, you say,

“Babe, will you marry me?”

Now, because you established a great relationship with her beforehand, She’s 7 times more likely to say yes, right?

Now by screaming offers head on straight out of the gate, you are asking strangers to marry you right on the first date… And just like you guessed, even if you have built a highly motivated team, prospects are never going to buy. It’s very clear now why screaming offers isn’t a great marketing strategy. If that’s how you have been marketing your products and or services, you really need to stop.


Here are, 3 things that you need to come up with a great marketing strategy

  1.  Financial Resources 
  2. Top Talent (or high quality employees)
  3. High Quality Leads

And I’m going to break down exactly how you need to get each of these 3 to grow scale your business

With these 3 combined, you are going to have more time to work on strategies to deploy into your business to see the financial success and revenue that you desire

sales funnel

Because, you are going to have: –

  1. the financial resources to market your products to go out there and advertise so that your “perfect” products and or services can be known of their existence by many people as your competitor with a terrible one and hence beat them up
  2. people who can deliver on tasks and strategies that you setup to get more customers
  3. more people interested in buying your products and all services


Only businesses that have a great marketing strategy are going to see more success. Don’t take this lightly, You really need to be very good at appealing to your target audience to best appeal.

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