Up-close and personal with a distinguished young entrepreneur

Up-close and personal with a distinguished young entrepreneur

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By Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

INNOVATION is about believing in a vision to create new products or services. The Entrepreneurial Magazine editor Amanda Jojo (AJ) had an exclusive with the innovative visionary behind Immicom Investments, Patson Chapeyama (PC) who is a young dynamic entrepreneur and author who lends fresh perspective to business with his curiosity and eagerness to learn more.
Below are the excerpts of the interview.

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AJ: Tell us about yourself and kindly highlight your life before entrepreneurship.

PC: Patson Chapeyama, is a young cutting edge, entrepreneur and author of 3 books. I hold a Bachelors honors degree in Accountancy from Chinhoyi University. I was born and bred in Katsukunya Mutoko from a humble family. Life before entrepreneurship was pretty challenging and if I look back at the series of events that transpired in my life, I thank God because although life threatening, they seemed to be, they were preparing me to be who I am today. 

AJ: Where did the idea for your business did came from? How did your start your business?

PC:  My entrepreneurial journey started at a tender age as I used to accompany my father who was a vendor in Mutoko Centre. I started out as a vendor with my father, later on run several failed businesses when I was at college. Fast forward to Immicom Investments, I formed the business in 2019 from an Internet café that was after my 3 months fixed contract was not renewed from Gtel.  After establishing my business for a year, I was then engaged by Mimshac International which I diligently served for around 2 years. During this period, I was running my business simultaneously but was offering business solutions services. I then later integrated immigration services to our service range after my resignation from the Immigration firm in 2021.

AJ: What services do you offer?

PC: Immicom is an immigration and business consulting firm providing specialized immigration and business consulting services. We offer specialist immigration and business compliance services to corporates and individuals looking to relocate to South Africa and other selected countries.

AJ: How did you win your first customers, investors and possibly first business partners?

PC: I spent about three months to get my initial clients and was using social media platforms to advertise for our services.

AJ: How did or do you deal with self-doubt and doubt from others?

PC: It is normal to doubt yourself and also to be doubted by people. If you have a strong resolve and reason to do what you want to do. You will do what you want regardless.

AJ: How did you push through your biggest business doubts?

PC: I am a devote Christian and derive my inspiration from the word of God and from my Spiritual mentor. I also read success books and listen to business podcast by successful entrepreneurs. I also have a number of business mentors which I look up to in my down moments.

AJ: What makes your company stand out from all other businesses in your niche?

PC: Our unique proposition is hinged on our philosophy, which is great service delivery and experience.

AJ: What impact do you think your venture will make into the economy?
PC: Our business plays a pivotal role to the economy and this is done in many ways such as employment creation, tax contribution, generating foreign currency, amongst other key contributions.

AJ: What are your values and ideals?
PC: I am God fearing and diligent person.

AJ: Considering that you are a young entrepreneur, how have you been claiming your table in the entrepreneurial circles?
PC: I believe in excellence. It doesn’t matter the scale or the size of the work I try to put my best effort. This then has led me to be recognized.

AJ: You recently won the Gumiguru business leadership award. How do you feel about this achievement?
PC: I am so grateful at the same time humbled, because I was not expecting it. Was just doing my work and never thought someone is watching us and recognising the work we are doing.

AJ: What do you enjoy most about entrepreneurship? What do you find hardest about it?

PC: Entrepreneurship is not a stroll in the park, but I find it interesting in the sense that it stretches me to think and always challenging me to move out of comfort zone. The hardest part of entrepreneurship is that you are at the Centre  in terms of decision making and the organisation expects solutions from you when in some instances you may not have all the answers.

AJ: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

PC: In five years we will have top business brands in Zimbabwe and abroad creating hundreds of employment opportunities making positive impact to thousands of people in countries of operations.

AJ: There is always stress that comes with responsibility, how have you been dealing with that?

PC: I am calm and I try to focus on things within my control

AJ: Kindly share with us your milestones.

1. Young entrepreneur of the Year Gold Trophy SMES international Expo 2015

2. ICMF Second Runners up Leadership Coach of the Year 2018.

3. Nominee Young Entreprenuer of the year JCI International Zimbabwe 2018.

4, 2020 Transformational Coach of the Year ICMF

5. Achievers award 2022

6. Contributed many startup and entrepreneurship articles on Leading local newspapers such as Newsday Zimbabwe, and international news platforms such as Africa on the Rise Nigeria, Foot print for Africa and several other platforms.

7. Authored 3 books

AJ: How do you boost productivity without causing burnout?

PC: I boost productivity by focusing my time on things that brings more value. I delegate other tasks to my team.

AJ: Your role models

PC: I have many local role models such as Rinos Mautsa, Samuelle Dimarho, Dr Marambire, Prophet W Magaya, Vusi Thembekwayo, Strive Masiyiwa to mention just a few.

AJ: Word of advice to aspiring and starting up entrepreneurs.
PC: Do your best in what you do most. In this journey you have chosen, you will face obstacles, sometimes life threatening, you may be hell burnt, you may be tempted to quit , but never give up. You will eventually win and it’s worth it

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